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Finished Blink Revisions!

This is a quick, celebratory post to say that I've finished my first official round of revisions on BLINK!


I feel pretty good about it. I now have a rough draft 3, and after a bit of cleaning up, it's off to the next reader (that'd be Taryn! Woohoo!!). Then I get to shove Blink in a drawer and focus purely on my NaNo novel. I've got some characters to develop! (Which is gonna be so. Much. Fun.)

In this moment, I'm just loving being a writer. Sure, revising is so draining and time consuming and brain exhausting, but hey, every bit is worth it! Because I believe in this story, and I want to see where it'll take me. It's worth the agony.

Besides. I had chocolate.

Thanks for being here for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best Part of Today: Finishing Blink revisions!
Currently Craving: Sleeeeeep.
Music Pick: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

10 epic comments:

I already knew this from Twitter, but...CONGRATULATIONS!!! =D *back to workin' away on mine* =)


Congratulations! chocolate always helps :)


@Amanda Thanks! :D *cheers you on*

@Eileen Thank you!! YES. Chocolate works miracles. XD


YAY CONGRATS! What was your final word count? lol


@lyla Thank you!! :D Ahem. Final word count. *shifty eyes* Well, it's on the short side. Just hit 57k. It might beef up yet, or it might just be good as is. *shrug* I've yet to find out.


WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti and hershey kisses* I already knew this. But still. :P I am SO proud of you, Twin! Have I mentioned that?

Hehehe. I know why you were listening to THAT song. Hehehe. ^_^

Good job. You're awesome and wonderful.

And I thought you'd already started To Save Them...? *shrugs* We're TWINS, both getting ready for NaNo! ;D


@Twin Thank you!! :D You might've mentioned it, yes.

LOL! I actually wasn't listening to it. I just needed a music rec. and since you sent it to me earlier that day, I figured it was appropriate. Besides, it's a very triumphant kinda song, so it fits with the theme of the post.

I *did* start it. I did 3 chapters. But I wasn't happy with the MC or the way that I'd gone about things. So since I'm going to re-write it anyway, I figured NaNo was a PERFECT time.


'Tis true. Awesome song. :)

Oooh, okay. Makes sense.


Nice! Congratulations. ^^ Considering how busy I've been lately... I highly doubt I'm going to get my current round of revisions done before NaNo. T-T

But we'll see. ;)


@SilentPages Thank you!! :D I totally understand. Good luck!!


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