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A Package! (And A New Favorite Novel)

Excuse my chipping nail polish...
Guess what the mail man brought me! (Constance: The US postal service is speedy these days!)

Okay, so packages (and letters!) in the mail are among the things in life that never fail to brighten my day. I've been so excited about these amazing arm-warmers a la Constance, that I may or may not have been peeking out the window every day when the mail man comes to see if he brought me the long-awaited package.

Well, he did! And WOW.

I only jokingly said to my Twin that I wanted her to make me some "arm warmers." And lo and behold, she took me seriously Well. You said you wanted some, and I had no other plans for my next project. Why not? and magically produced these beautiful, ocean colored wonders! Just look at them! Okay, you've already seen them, I know... (And they're ten times prettier in person, too!)

Not only am I amazed by how quickly she picked up the knitting thing, but also I'm feeling so special and loved, that she took all that time to bother with something for me, just randomly! And yeah, it was a lot of time. (And frustration, methinks! I don't have the patience for this sort of thing.) It had its frustrating moments, I admit. But methinks you're totally worth it.

I think I owe her a month's supply of chocolate or something. Well, if you insist.


Okay, enough gushing! On to part two of this post.

I have a New Favorite Novel! And I couldn't resist adding it to my I'm-afraid-of-the-internet friendly picture. In case you can't read it, it's "Between Shades of Gray" by Ruta Sepetys.

It's so up my alley! I just love books like this, and I love this book, and I love her writing and-- yeah. It's a New Favorite Novel. Hands down. I would proudly put it on my book shelf next to Hunger Games if Taryn hadn't lent this particular copy to me (oh so kindly!). I'll definitely buy my own ASAP!

I seriously recommend it! I haven't put it down much since I started. It's that kinda novel for me. Gripping. Emotional. Realistic. Awesome.

I have to resist going to the library RIGHT NOW. Anything you love that much must be good.

On that note, I'm off to finish it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Your arm warmers match your book! :]


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