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Wanting To Write

Okay, this title might already have you all up in arms. After all, if I want to write, the answer is to write, yes? Especially since I finished my first round of edits on Blink and am giving it a rest. I've got all this open space to plunge into something now, right?

That's my problem. I have nothing new. So I'm just drumming my fingers waiting for the Next Great Idea to come.

Actually, I have several ideas written down and ready. I love them all, and I'm sure they'll make great stories one day, but it's not what my heart wants to write right now. And I don't need to tell you that your heart must be in what you're writing!

All that to say, I'm hoping for some serious inspiration SOON.

What do you do when you're waiting for inspiration?

Here's a fill-out.

Best Part of Today: Hmm. I want to say talking to Constance.
Currently Craving: PINEAPPLE.
Music Pick: "Longer I Run" by Peter Bradley Adams
I'm Reading: "Stravaganza - City of Masks" by Mary Hoffman
WATM: NONE! *tear*

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Yep, your heart DEFINITELY has to be in it. Best of luck on finding a new WIP. And Pineapple is amazing. <3 a new follower


You will think of a new idea soon. If it goes for you like it did for me, then it will come to you while you're talking to me. So the secret is, talk to me! *grins*

But seriously, Twin. You have to be patient. Until something comes to you, do creative things. Read, listen to music, draw, play your guitar... do things you think might inspire you. Live. And talk to me. ^_^ #nothelpful

Pineapple, still?


Sometimes I wish I had that problem. I have so many ideas fighting for dominance inside of my head right now, it's difficult to concentrate on one story.

One way that I find inspiration is to create a totally kickass character. Make sure they have lots of flaws and whatnot, and then figure out the worst possible situation that they could be put in due to their characterisitics. Then put them there.

That always works for me, but some easier-ish things are reading and watching TV and movies in the genre that you're hoping to write for.


1.) Lizzy can play guitar?! That's awesome!
2.) I agree with Constance. Ideas aren't something you can force. What I suggest, though, is that you try listening to a lot of music (not just the songs that you love but try different bands and whatnot) and watch a lot of movies. Just keep your creative brain stimulated and when the idea comes, it comes.
3.) I actually can't help much with idea-acquiring since all the ideas I have now are from a couple of years ago. (from like, seventh grade. LOL)
4.) Good luck!
5.) I like numbered lists. Even though I hate math. Is that allowed?


Aww that kind of sucks. I always have a moment like that when I finish my novels. Then I have to work on another one. I agree with Lyla, though, listen to lots of music. That's how I wrote the story that got me a writing scholarship, actually :) BTW Lyla, my blog is all lists.


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