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Writing Lethargy

This is my worst day. I know many of you have already heard this, and I would shut up for fear of sounding whiny, but more things just keep happening. Losing my voice, swimmer's ear, alcohol in my eye, tongue-burning... Today is just not goin' well for me, y'know? Not to mention the 109 degree oven that is Texas.

Okay, I'm done being a baby. At least online.

I haven't written much in the past week; I blame the sickness lethargy.
I'm a terrible sinner.

I'm determined to write every day, but that oomph and inspiration is sapped outa me by 11 am, which is when I get home from work this week. I'm starting to worry that something is wrong with me. Maybe it has nothing to do with my being (Look, a gerund! I think...?) sick. Because every time I get to where I am ready to start the actual writing process, I... don't write. It's happened twice now. The first time I didn't have the "I'm sick" excuse.

It's not like I don't absolutely love my story ideas, because I LOVE both of them. Lots and lots and lots.

...And I paused in the blogging to switch the song I was listening to, and I totally lost my train of thought. Fail.

So I guess I'll end with a plea. When you love your story idea, have an exciting, fully planned plot, and developed characters, but you still can't seem to write... What do you do?

Twin Moment of the Day... We both looove horses.
On My Mind... A irrational fear of what terrible thing might happen to me next.
Listening to... "다시돌아와" (I think that translates to "Come Back Again") by Infinite
Grateful for... My mommy who is wonderful when I have awful days (When I have good days, too, but especially when I'm having a bad one)
Wanting to... Write
Writing... Who knows?

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Oh Twin. I know exactly where you're coming from.

I think you CAN use the sick excuse a little more, because sick TOTALLY takes the oomph out of EVERYTHING, not just writing.

When I have trouble writing it really depends on what the situation is for me to know how to treat it. I've never loved a story and been unable to write, because when I stop wanting to write, love for my story has (in the past) usually fallen down too.

BUT, what I do is write little things, just to keep WRITING for the sake of it. I develop characters and write little bits about their lives. It helps. Some.

And also, you must take the pressure off yourself. You've only been sick for a couple days, and it's OKAY to take a break. You have days and days and days and DAYS ahead to write. And when you're all better and the sparkle is back in your life, I shall Word War with you and we shall write together and drink tea.

SO. Lift the pressure, and give yourself time to get better. You'll bounce back soon. <3



I've been having the same exact problem, too. I love my story ideas so much and for once I even have it all mapped out and I'm SO excited to write it. It's just that every time I sit down to write it...I don't. And I'm still not sure why.

So, usually, when this happens to me I do one of the following:

1) re-read one of my favorite books and remember why I love writing - why I NEED to write in order to get better.

2) go to my refrigerator and find some type of drink and something to munch on and then sit at the computer until my fingers begin to work.

3) Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's just great.

4) Write out a great kissing scene between the protag and her love interest (even though it will most likely never make it into the story).

Thats what I do, and usually it snaps me out of my funk.


*agrees with what Gabbi said* ESPECIALLY reading your favorite books and remembering why you love writing. Works every time!


*hugs Twin* Thanks. ^^
I would totally say let's Word War now, because though I'm not 100% yet, I want to be.

@Gabbi I try #4 frequently (Er. Not the kissing scene, just writing out a scene... *cough*), but I haven't even had the oomph to do that. But I love all of those suggestions. I will definitely try them. Thank you. You made my day better. :)


So...I'm a little late to the party--and hey! My blog is at the top of "Blogs We Like"! (I just posted six minutes ago. ^_^)

Anyway, I have felt like that quite often. =/ I have so many ideas(enough to fill up a 7-book series, eventually), I'm always excited about one part or another--but sometimes that part is not the part that I'm currently writing about. Like...when I was rewriting Book 1, I was uber excited about Books 2 & 4, alternately, so it took me like a year and a half to get Book 1 finished. I often just stared at the screen, wanting to blaze through this so I can get to the bit I'm currently stoked over, but...can't.

It's been happening a lot with editing, too, actually. Hence the plotting of Book 2(*ahem* I don't plot), because when I get stuck, I try to think about the awesome things I can make happen next--ideally something close enough that I'm not depressed that I can't write it right this second.

But I often make the mistake of thinking of those awesome things in, say, Book 2-7. Which doesn't help. And then I don't write down the awesome things, because, psh, it's so awesome I'll remember, and then I don't. =( I'm sure I have at least 50 awesome ideas waiting for me to remember them. Poor, sad little ideas. ='( <--I cry for their lost little souls.


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