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Finished My Novel!

It's a celebration!
I know it's my second post for the day, but this is a big moment, and I think it should be blogged.

I just finished Draft 1 of my latest novel, Blink. It's 'complete' at  50,067 words. It will be longer after I'm finished shredding to bits, without a doubt. But the important thing is that I've written the basic story down.

Now I'm going to set it aside and work on something else until it's time to return and start the shredding process.

Yay! I love writing.

10 epic comments:

CONGRATS! That was pretty dang quick! I wish I could do that right now.


Thanks, Gabbi! The beat sheet REALLY helped me stay on track. And plus I loved it. And it ended up being short. So those 3 things were THE ONLY reason I finished it so quick.


Well, still that's really good for you. I'm not even 10k words in and I've been working on this for at least a month. But that's okay. I just had a minor bump in the road, and now I'm getting right back on track :)


Thank you. :) I know what that's like. Usually that's my pace, too. When I was pantsing (rather than plotting, which I'm doing now) it would go so much slower, and sometimes I'd give up for weeks at a time because I'd lose my focus. I hope you get tons of inspiration and are able to write bunches soon! :)


*throws confetti*
*cleans up confetti*
*throws some more*
*gives chocolate and some of Justin's birthday cake to distract you so I don't have to clean it up again*

You are AMAZING! Woohoo! Way to go! You did it. *so proud and happy for you* =D


That's awesome. And fast. XD YAAAAAAY LIZZY!!! :-D


Congratulations Lizzy! That's amazing!


Congrats!! Eat some cake now.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! =D That's so awesome! And ridiculous fast! Good luck with shredding it to pieces! ^_^


@Constance THANK YOU! *selfishly hoards cake and eats all* I've been selfish with my congratulations treats today.

@Andre Thank you! :) It's fast for me, too.

@Matt Thank you! I'm so excited.

@Gracie Thank you! Since there's none to be found in RL, Constance's generous gift of virtual cake will have to do. *finishes*

@Amanda Thank youuu! I think I'll need it. Though I do enjoy shredding. It all just makes it better!


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