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Summer Memories

My, we are posting lots today.

This one is prompted by Lizzy's question at the end of her "Summer's End" post. And since I can always do with some reminding of good stuff, I thought I'd compose a list of my top five favorite memories from this summer.

1. Finishing Gumiho. It was the first book I stuck with all the way through, and when I finished it, I was so proud of myself. I couldn't even believe I'd done it. None of my family were terribly impressed (I mean, they were... but they didn't really get it, y'know?), but that was okay. Because I knew I had done it, and that was enough for me.

2. Sea Base. I went to the Florida Keys at the beginning of summer, to the Boy Scouts of America's camp called Sea Base. I can't describe how amazing it was... I really can't. It was incredibly hard, especially since I was crew leader and that fact terrified me... But I'll remember it forever.

3. All the conversations I've had with Lizzy and André and TEO and Kaye-friend and Taryn and all my other writer friends. I've always been something of an introvert, but for the first time in my life, I have enough friends that I can't count them all on two hands, and that's only if I'm counting my Write On! friends, not including my few Real Life friends. And that right there, that is awesome.

4. The few moments when one of my 3/4/5/6-yr-old swim students looks over at me mid-lesson and says, "I love you" even though they barely know me.

5. Learning Korean. Okay, so I'm really weird. But I enjoy studying Korean so much. Maybe because it embodies so much hope for my future and what I'll do one day... but seriously, all it takes is a good hour of Korean studying to make me ridiculously chipper for the rest of the day.

I'd say it's your turn, but you probably already did it on Lizzy's... But if you didn't, list a few wonderful things/people from your summer. It will make your heart smile, I promise. (Or your face, if your heart doesn't smile. Though I don't know why it wouldn't. O_o)

Twin Moment of the Day... We are both dolts sometimes. *cough*Bangladeshi*cough*
On My Mind... The Korean drama I'm about to go ask Mommy if she wants to watch.
Listening to... "Before The Dawn" by Infinite
Grateful for... Twin. She makes my life so much sparklier.
Wanting to... Give someone a hug. (Seriously, this list made me super happy)
Writing... Hopeless (I hope, soon)

5 epic comments:

Totally ditto on number three! As an introvert, I have 2-3 RL friends--everyone else I'm friendly with are 'acquaintances', b/c I can't go spill out my soul to them or really go out of my way to hang out with them. guys...*sniffs* you've made my life beautiful. *^_^*

& lol at the TEO thing. I saw that, I was like...what? OH YEAH! Tee-oh! That's me! lol. =)


*beams* I feel the same way about you, TEO. :D

Heheheh. Yes, that's you. xD


TWIN, what a wonderful post! *smiles at Amanda's comment*

Some wonderful summer things. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I think I'll post separately. XD


No, I will NOT post separately. I'll just say it here.

1. My vacation. It was incredible on so many levels, and actually left my heart very hollow and sad to be home. You KNOW you had a good time.

2. Developing friendships with so many people online like Twin said. (And ESPECIALLY Twin!) It's the last place I would have looked for friends but I've ended up with a handful of people I would tell almost anything to. How invaluable is THAT?

3. Finishing a novel (even if it was at the tail end of summer...) that I absolutely ADORED writing. I would wake up excited to write it, and quiver with anticipation as I hurried through my mundane tasks until it was time to write. That's a first.

4. SOAKING UP THE SUN. I had a rough year of high school in fall 2010 and early 2011. Thus, I've never enjoyed summer so heartily. Everything about it; the food, the clothes, the sunshine, hoses, pools, ice cream... It was all magnified.

5. Learning to drive!!! I got my permit in May, actually, but over the summer I've just been driving and driving. And I LOVE it.

Okay. My heart is so happy now. I'm so thankful for this summer!



@Twin Good... time? *cough* Don't tell them that! They're supposed to think it was memorable in a HARD TRIAL sort of way! :P

I know, right? Totally the last place. I used to scoff at people who made online friends. Now I totally am one. That's be irony at its best, right there.

I bet it'll be wonderful and I can't wait until I get to read it, because if it made you THAT happy I bet it'll make me happy, too. ^_^

You know why you had a rough year, right? It's cause... *looks around* *whispers* you hadn't met me yet. Your summer was actually just better cause we found each other. ;)

I love your list, Twin. Very much. Almost as much as mine.


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