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Summer's End

I shouldn't live where I do. Summer ends too quickly.

Tomorrow is my first chemistry class of the year. UGH.

Let me back up and explain. While I am educated at home (who likes the h-word anyway?) there are some subjects that I simply can't teach myself/have a parent teach me. Like the sciences. I mean, I'm not exactly the kind of person to mail-order preserved rats and earthworms to dissect at home for biology. I mean, EW.

It's my senior year, which is quite a relief. I'm done with maths forever (unless, of course, I go to college) and all I see is the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. But first I have to cross just a couple more milestones, and one of those is chemistry.

I'm taking a chemistry in a classroom outside of home, which is great. I don't have to do any grading, I don't have to create my own schedule. However, the downside is that I can't begin my school year when I want to. I must begin when the class begins.

Thus, it's only early August and the weight of an extremely difficult subject is already on my shoulders. I am dreading tomorrow.

Thank goodness for things like Write On! and novels and books and Constance and chocolate and friends and family all around to help it be a little easier.

I could ask when school starts for you, but how lame and downer would that be? Instead, I'll pick something cheerful.

What's one of your best summer memories from this year?

And I'll leave you with an extra-colorful fill-out to make up for the blah-ness of this post.

Best Part of Today: Peanut butter, honey and ripe banana circles on toast.
Currently Craving: Pineapple!!
Music Pick: "Concerning Hobbits" by Howard Shore
I'm Reading: "The Seer and the Sword" by Victoria Hanley
WATM: Blink (48,237 words)

5 epic comments:

Golly. I should just mail you a pineapple. :P Or canned pineapple?

Ew. Chemistry. I feel for you, Twin. I really do. I have an ACT Thursday, and I am dreading it. Me, math? Failage in the making. *sigh*

But, as you so aptly pointed out, we have each other! ^_^ And chocolate. And tea. And writing. And... packages. And letters. And André.

My best memory.... I have to choose ONE? O_o


Concerning Hobbits is an amazing song, just saying. ^_^

And...I actually really enjoy chemistry/physics/math. It's fascinating, and knowing the rules of our world gives much inspiration on the bending of them in fantasy worlds. =) I guess I'm just one of those people who likes everything academic(including art & music). Just don't ask me to dance or play football. =P

As for the best parts of summer...I loved hanging out with my California cousins, because we just click, though we don't get to see each other more than once every other year/every three years. =/ And also hanging out with you guys. You've all made my isolated existence about three million times more fun. ^_^


Aughhh chem... best summer memory? Oh, dear... I'd have to say all the awesome adventuresome bike rides I've been on!


@Constance PLEASE DO. A pineapple. NOT CANNED. That's like... canning chocolate. O_o And I'm SO SORRY. ACT is probably worse than chem, though honestly, you only have to go Thursday (see the optimism!? I KNOW you're going to ACE it the first time!) and I have to go every Tuesday AND Thursday for the REST OF THE YEAR AND BEYOND. O_O

@Amanda I completely agree! And lucky you. Could you hand me some of your enjoyment/fascination with chemistry/physics/math? Because I don't enjoy it AT ALL. I'm a little too right-brained for those things. Just a bit. And I love dancing, and hate football.

@Gracie Adventuresome bike rides? I'm jealous. However, it's too humid where I live to really enjoy something like that. :\


Think of chem as cooking; it makes it happier. It kind of is cooking, especially stochimetry.


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