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The Autumn Bug

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Okay, guys, it's official! I've got the autumn bug. Well, maybe it's not totally official, but I know for sure that lately I've been ready for the summer heat to end.

I'm one of those people that love each season as it comes (winter being an exception... I love winter for about three weeks).  So even though it's been a great summer and I love wearing summer clothes and could go for the beach right about now, I'm still to that point where cooler days and sweaters are starting to sound nice.

I want crisp leaves and apple cider. I want family picnics and the lovely mix of summer tops and long jeans. I want to go for a walk at night and see my breath for the first time, but then have it warm enough to pick pumpkins the next day. (Do you like my clichés?)

Yep, I'm pretty much ready for autumn.

So do tell me. What's your favorite season, if you have one? Are you ready for autumn? Why or why not?

Best Part of Today: Would it be awful if I said I don't know?
Currently Craving: Pineapple!!!! Okay, and maybe white chocolate.
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My favorite seasons in terms of weather are probably fall and spring. For other reasons, summer--since there's no school and I have more time to write. :P

I am soooo ready for autumn. It's been 100+ degrees in TX for I-don't-know-how-many days and the weather forecast for the next two weeks isn't showing any change. The temperature usually falls when the new school year starts but not this year. >.> It's especially annoying because my school has different buildings and we have to walk outside several times during the day to go from building to building. I definitely have the autumn bug.


I love all seasons. :) Each one is beautiful in its own way.


Fall is definitely my favorite season, then winter (I know I'm so weird but it's so beautiful!) and then spring, which can be pretty hard academically for me, then summer which is so HOT here plus it's so humid which is just gross. Fall is when my birthday is, plus it's like a new beginning at school, and I love seeing people.


Oooh, I'm with you on this one, 100%. Like Lyla said, the temperatures here in Texas... The term "hot as Hell" is pretty accurate right now. O_o I've actually been ready for autumn since the beginning of summer. :P Not that I don't like summer. But I'd like it a lot better if I wasn't in Texas.

But anyway. I love your clichés. They are all sound wonderful despite the cliché-ness. :P Although... I wear jeans during the summer. *cough* Always have. I like jeans better than shorts, and I've only recently started even acknowledging skirts' existences. So... yeah. Pretty much.

And let me fix that "Best Part of Today" for you. Me! Of course. ;D


@Lyla Uch! I'm so sorry. That sounds awful. I guess I should stop complaining about this TN weather then, huh?

@Gracie I TOTALLY agree!

@Eileen Mmm, I know what you mean! And yay for fall birthdays! :D

@Constance *hugs* Yes, you WERE the best part of this lame day. And I know this crazy fact about you and jeans during the SUMMER. O_O But I still love you. *hugs*


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