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Glow Worms and Lists* (*Not in that order)

I should stop writing posts when I am sleep deprived. For y'all's sakes.

Three things are plaguing me at the moment.

One, school starts Monday. I'm excited, but I'm also terrified. I'm especially terrified because I haven't been in a formal class room setting in... 4 years? (O_O <-Me at the thought) And what will these classes (and homework that comes with them) do to my writing and/or Twin time?

Two, my new glow poi. This is a good type of plaguing, mostly. So Daddy just got me some now glow poi, and I'm very excited about them. Hopefully they won't break like my last glow poi did. The only sadness is that it's entirely too hot to spin outside, even late at night after it's cooled off some, and the ceilings are too low in my house. *glares at ceilings* But I braved the heat to try them out earlier, and I pretty much love them to pieces. I can't wait to learn some new tricks!

Three, I think I'm getting sick. Again. I've never been one of those I-get-sick-every-other-week types, but I've gotten sick quite a few times this year. My thoughts on this: Hmph. Bleh. Grrr.
(Very deep thoughts, I know.)

Also, I've been writing lots recently. I'm having SO MUCH FUN with this story. Irish Mob FTW! I'll be sad when it is done, I can tell you that.

I'm going to bed. Maybe my sleep deprivation is what is making me sick. (Insert an "I told you so" from my mother here. >.>)

But first, answer me this:
Does "Optimizing Your Illuminated Lifestyle" sound like a guide to glow poi or a self-help book for glow worms?

Twin Moment of the Day... We both had some quality Molly time today.
On My Mind... What a self-help book for glow worms might be titled.
Listening to... "Downpour" by Backstreet Boys
Grateful for... My sister Kirsten. She's just sort of awesome. If you knew her, you would wish you had one too.
Wanting to... Sleep.
Writing... Selfish!! :D

6 epic comments:

Firstly, dearest Twin, don't worry about classes/homework. I've juggled homework, more than one class, and then some whilst still getting my Twin/writing time in (remember back in the spring???). I still got writing done. You can do it! It's just about organizing your time. :P

Also, about getting sick... *HUGS* My first thought is it's stress-related. Last year (bleehhh) I was taking a pretty intense Algebra class, an IPS class, and then had a bunch of other schoolwork to do. As a result I got really sick because I didn't manage my stress well AT ALL. I actually got sick more than once, but the one time was so bad it was a wakeup call that I needed to deal with my stress. *shudders* Those are NOT good memories. But whatever is causing it, you should a) get more sleep b) drink lots of tea and c) get MORE SLEEP!!! Oh, and relaxing is a good idea too. :)

*big big hugs* And that doesn't sound like a self-help glow worm book. I don't know what that sounds like. O_O Why on earth do you ask?

Oh! And I'm happy about your glow poi. IMMENSELY.

I'm ALSO so happy that you're having such a blast writing Selfish. All I can think of is Blink and how much fun THAT was to write. Yay for awesome, fun novels!!!


Er... letter-length blog comments FTW. O_O


Well. If you say it'll be fine, then it will be fine. ^^

Yeah... You're probably right... >.> I'd go to take a nap now, but I'm waiting for you to get on because I want to talk to you. *frowns* I'm working on the whole stress thing. I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later. Until then... *throws back some vitamin C*

It doesn't? I thought it did. :P It's the instruction manual to my new glow poi.

I'm happy about them too. ^^

*smiles* Blink makes my heart smile. :D

*grins* I still love you, don't worry. xD


Oooh! Have some pineapple. It's the most delicious source of vitamin C... in my opinion. ^^

*wants pineapple VERY badly now*


Those glow poi are EPIC. *watched the video as one entranced*

And yes, vitamin C is excellent. I take a couple Emergen-C packets in water when I'm starting to feel under the weather. Question--aren't we always under the weather, unless fog descends, or we're in an airplane? Label me sincerely confused on this particular phrase.

As for "Optimizing Your Illuminated Lifestyle," this sounds like a self-help book for people who have already achieved enlightenment, so they may fully enjoy the advantages. ^_~*

Good luck in school, and I will quickly add that the Irish Mob is rather awesome, and that's all there is to say about that. =)


@Twin: I've come to know this about you... I still like citrus, though. :P

@TEO: I KNOW. I wish I was as good as them. *dreams*
I actually hate those Emergen-C packets. So much. O_o
I think they mean... like, when it's raining and cloudy, people tend to be more down and sad. But technically, you are correct.

Oooh. I like your thinking. xD

Thanks! I got my books today... We'll see how this goes.
This is basically how I feel about it. Except I wouldn't want to meet them in person.


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