Twin Moment

Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.

Happiness, Thy Name is Constance.

Cake for everyone!!!!! :D
I am BACK. And it makes me so happy I could dance and sing all day!! ...If I wasn't so busy writing. ^^
You guys know how in-a-rut I was. But last night, I sat down, and I started to write. I didn't write all that much, because I was tired, and it was late (even for me). But I was excited about this story. And even better, I woke up excited to write.

Take a moment and absorb that.

Yeah. Even when I love my story, I have never really woken up excited to write it. I'm not a morning person. I don't wake up excited about anything. Period.

But I did today. And I spent my whole day writing and talking to Twin and having an epic, magical day. *sighs happily*

And guess where the story idea came from? Yes! Twin. Partly, at least. I'll give virtual cookies to whomever can guess which part was inspired by her (it's in the one-liner under "WIP" in my About Me. And it's pretty obvious. Come on, guys, you can do it.)
Twin is AMAZING. My inspirations rarely come from (living) people. They come from things I read, things I watch, places I visit, things I listen to. But people? I've had... one other time when I was inspired by a person, and I ended up burying that story idea, anyway. Which means Twin must be pretty epic, to be the inspiration of a story that not just wants to be written, but one that begs me to write it. (Quite successfully. With puppy eyes and everything.)
Or... maybe I'm just biased, on both counts?
Nah, couldn't be that.

In other news, East Texas is drought-ing like crazy. I could very well lose my job if it doesn't rain in the next week; the city is considering shutting down pools to help conserve water. Which is good... but it means I'll need to find a new job. Oh goody. If you have rain, PLEASE send it my way. I don't love my job to pieces, but it's not bad, and it is certainly better than having to find a new one.
And, you know, I'd just sort of like to not shrivel up into a crisp in the dry oven that is Texas right now.

And you guys are all AWESOME. People are not told that often enough. So I thought I would tell you. And even better, it is totally true. So celebrate your awesomeness with some of that pretty, rainbow-y cake. It looks tasty, yes? But, uh... The blue is mine. You can't have that part. O_o

Twin Moment of the Day... As Twin's rereading (and sharing brief snippets) of old journals has shown us, we have been twins for YEARS.
On My Mind... Many, many things. Happy things. Like writing, and watching something, and wonderful friends.
Listening to... "Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus
Grateful for... Twin again. For being the inspiration source for the shiny story that wants me to write it. ^_^
Wanting to... Eat. I've realized I missed dinner (which makes it about 12 hours since I've eaten). >.>
Writing... Selfish/Selfless

6 epic comments:

SWEET. Uber happy for you! I don't wake up excited for anything, either, haha. When I was plotting Book 2 and stayed up late coming up with solutions, I woke up still reveling in the perfectness of my epic solution, but I'm not writing it yet(STILL editing.), so no actual excitement. In short...that's awesome! XD


Waking up still satisfied with work from the night before has happened, but that isn't quite the same.

And thank you. Muchly. I am still very happy and excited to write. *tempted to skip dinner* *knows Twin would never condone that*


Um, I LOVE that cake. And I'm SO HAPPY you're so excited you WOKE UP excited. That's how I was about Blink! (Hence finishing it in 2 weeks). It must be contagious. *passes around happy-novel-writing bug*

*eats purple part of cake* Since you took the blue. :P But it's ok, since the purple happens to be biggest. #nomnom

And you're wonderful too. I loves you MUCHLY. And I LOVE that song!! LOVE IT.


Can...can I have the green layer? *puppy dog eyes* XD


@Twin Oh, best bug ever. ^_^ But I feel like it is unlikely that I'll finish Blink in two weeks. :P

Hmph. Well, the blue is prettier.

I know you do. :D

@Amanda Yes. You can have as much as you want; just don't touch my blue.


Thanks! I'll leave the blue alone, I guess. If I have to. It is prettier.

And to both of ya'll--I gave your blog the Liebster Blog Award. ^_^ You may take it here:


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